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"Intensify forward firepower!"      –Admiral Piett, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Add more firepower to your games of Star Wars™: Armada with the prizes available in the third season of 2018 Organized Play!

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G18a3 layout

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Each Season Three 2018 kit comes with seventeen Core Prize Cards, three Elite Prize Cards, and two Elite Prize Sets. One of the Core Prize Cards and one of the Elite Prize Cards are reserved for the event organizer—to keep or distribute at their discretion—but the other items are yours to earn!

Core Prize Card: 16 copies of double-sided, extended-art upgrade card with the Skilled First Officer on one side and Dual Turbolaser Turrets on the other

Elite Prize Card: 2 copies of double-sided, extended art title upgrade card, featuring the Demolisher on one side and Home One on the other.

Elite Prize Item: 2 sets of 5 acrylic Navigate Tokens.

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