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Admiral Montferrat Imperial Crew Upgrade card


How-to use Officer "Admiral Montferrat" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)

Instructions and hints by Karneck

Card Text[]

"While defending against a ship, if your speed is 3 or higher, the attack is treated as obstructed.

After you execute a maneuver, if you overlapped a ship, discard this card."

Rules Clarification[]

A ship with a faceup Disengaged Fire Control damage card cannot target a ship equipped with Admiral Montferrat that is at speed 3 or higher.

FaQ Version 2.2.1; 10/24/2016


Available Through[]


The effect of this Upgrade Card triggers while defending during Attack Step 2: "Roll Attack Dice"


Admiral Montferrat commanded the Devastator, one of the most prestigious Imperial-class Star Destroyers in the Imperial fleet, at the Battle of Endor where he died. Jhared Montferrat was the main antagonist in Blade Squadron, a two-part short story written by David J. and Mark S. Williams, which was published in the 149th and 150th issues of the Star Wars Insider magazine in 2014.