Ally Token 2

Ally Token

This page describes additional rules that are used when playing the Rebellion in the Rim campaign.

Rebellion in the Rim Rule Edit

Ally is one of seven Strategic Effects that a team can gain through the control of Mandalore (Area I) and Nal Hutta (Area III).

One player from each team may spend an ally token as described below.

  • During the Strategy Phase, after a player declares that they are assaulting or defending at a location.
  • At the end of each act, after a team chooses a pivotal battle. The assaulting team chooses whether to spend an ally token, then the defending team chooses.

Benefits gained during Battle Phase Edit

After a player spends an ally token, they choose one of the following options worth up to 45 points and adds it to their fleet for that game (even if the fleet's total value then exceeds 250 fleet points):

  • One additional ship with no upgrade cards equipped.
  • Up to three non-unique, irregular squadrons.

Assign ID tokens of a different color to these forces. After the winner of the resulting battle ist deteremined, that player (or team) removes the additionals forces from their fleet.

Benefits gained during "Final Pivotal Battle" Edit

After the location of the final pivotal battle of the campaign is chosen, each team has the opportunity to resolve "Final Upgrades" to add a huge ship to one player's fleet or one large ship to up to two players' fleets. A team may spend one ally token to add 45 fleet points to that player's available total. If they do, that player's total fleet value can exceed 250 fleet points.

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