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Armed Station card

Armed Station

Attention: The Armed Station card from the Corellion Conflict box shows the wrong dice.

Card TextEdit

"This station cannot suffer critical effects."

"To determine line of sight to or from this station, trace to the point of its token that is closest to the squadron or hull zone that is attacking or defending."

Errata Edit

This card’s anti-squadron armament should be 1 blue die. This card’s battery armament should be 2 red dice and 2 blue dice.

FAQ 3.1.1 April 2017

Rules Clarification Edit

Stations are treated as ships when resolving effects. (Corellian Conflict Rules p. 3)

The armed station may attack and draw line of sight to ships and squadrons overlapping it.

While the armed station is attacking, if the defender is a ship overlapping the armed station, the armed station may attack and draw line of sight to any of the defender’s hull zones.

The armed station cannot obstruct its own attacks.

FaQ Version 3.3.1; Dec. 2017


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Rule Edit

The Armed Station is a "Squadron Card" for "The Corellian Conflict" Campaign. Its use is limited to objective cards introduced in this expansion that refer to attacking the station obstacle token, or to stations performing attacks. Either the Armed Station, or Unarmed Station cards are used when playing with these objectives to track damage to the stations and indicate their armament.

Objective Cards referring to Armed Station Edit

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