Officer-Rebel Bail Organa new

Card Text Edit

"Medium or large ship only."

"After deploying fleets, you may place 1 round token on this card. At the start of the Ship Phase of the round matching that round token, if you are the second player you must activate, if you are the first player, you may gain up to 2 command tokens of your choice."

Rules Clarification Edit

You cannot resolve this card’s effect to assign a round token to this card if the ship this card is equipped to is set aside.

If this card is discarded by an effect such as Darth Vader, it is no longer active in the game.

Source: FAQ 5.1.1; 2020/03/09

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Available Through Edit

Timing Edit

The effect of this Upgrade Card triggers during Ship Phase of the Game Round that was selected after deployment.

Possible Build-Up Edit

The following Rebel ships can be equipped with • Bail Organa:

Appearance Edit

Bail Organa held a seat in the Galactic Senate for his homeworld of Alderaan, where he died when the planet was destroyed by the Death Star at command of Grand Moff Tarkin. He opposed against Chancelor Palpatine's politics during the Clone Wars and finally became a leading figure of the Rebellion. He and his wife, Queen Breha Organa, secretly adopted Leia Organa, daughter of Darth Vader.

He was first seen in Episode II, reappeared on screen in Episode III and Rogue One and had several appearances in the animated TV-series Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.


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