Squadron Keyword Edit

Icon SQKey Bomber Bomber. (While attacking a ship, each of your Icon Dice Crit adds 1 damage to the damage total and you can resolve a critical effect.)

Timing Edit

The effect of this Keyword triggers during Attack Step 5: "Resolve Damage"

Squadrons with Bomber: Edit

Special Rules with Bomber: Edit

  • Major Rhymer (TIE Bomber): "Friendly squadrons at distance 1 can attack enemy ships at close-medium range using all dice in their battery armament."
  • Luke Skywalker (X-wing): "While attacking a ship, treat the defender as having no shields."
  • Keyan Farlander (B-wing): "While attacking a ship, if the defending hull zone has no shields, you may reroll any number of dice in your attack pool."
  • Dash Rendar (YT-2400): "While attacking, you may reroll 1 die for each enemy squadron or enemy ship at distance 1."
  • Nym Havoc (Scurrg H-6): "Blue crit:  If the defender is a ship, you may choose and discard 1 of its defense tokens."

Upgrade Cards with Bomber: Edit

  • Corruptor (VSD Title): " Icon Command Squadron: the speed of each squadron with Bomber you activate is increased by 1 until the end of its activation."
  • Bomber Command Center (Fleet Support): "While a friendly squadron with Bomber at distance 1-5 is attacking a ship, it may reroll 1 die."
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