Bossk YV-666 Squadron card

Card Text Edit

"While attacking, if you have 6 or fewer hull points remaining, you may add 1 blue die set to the Icon Dice Accuracy icon to your attack pool."

Icon SQKey Grit Grit(You are not prevented from moving while you are engaged by only 1 squadron.)

Icon SQKey Rogue Rogue(You can move and attack during the Squadron Phase.)

Defense Tokens Edit

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Timing Edit

The effect of this Squadron Card triggers during Attack Step 3: "Resolve Attack Effects"

Appearance Edit

Bossk was a male Trandoshan bounty hunter. He first appeared as a minor antagonist in Episode V and Episode VI. His backstory was later expanded in several short stories, novels, and comics. Bossk also appeared in The Clone Wars TV-series.


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