This page describes additional rules that are used when playing the Corellian Conflict and Rebellion in the Rim campaigns.

Campaign Rule Edit

The Corellian Conflict and Rebellion in the Rim campaigns are designed to be played with either four or six players, divided into two teams of opposing factions: the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance.

  • Each team must consist of the same number of players, or at least control the same number of fleets.
  • The teams' skill levels should be as balanced as possible or it will likely result in a short and brutal campaign!
  • Each team selects one player to be its Grand Admiral.
  • Locations and their strategic effects are controled by the team not by single players.
  • When players win battles, they gain campaign points for their team. The team with the fewest campaign points chooses has initiative during Strategy Phase.
  • Every player makes his own decisions to refit and expand his fleet. Unique cards can only be equipped in one fleet of the team.

Corellian Conflict Rule Edit

  • Each team divides this total resource income as evenly as possible between its players (or fleets).

Rebellion in the Rim Rule Edit

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