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As task force commanders progress through the campaign, they learn from victory and defeat. Players spend experience during the Management Phase to gain new abilities, which allow them to resolve effects during battles as well as other phases of the campaign turn.

Abilities are devided into 6 Categories and into 3 Tiers, based on the power and experience cost of those effects. When each task force commander is created, that commander gains one tier-1 ability, which is recorded on that player's fleet roster. Each ability has an Experience Cost. Players must purchase additional abilities for commanders by spending an amount of experience points (XP) equal to that ability's experience cost. Then that player removes those XP from the available XP total on their fleet roster and adds them to their total XP spent.

Commander Abilities have the following rules: Edit

  • The total of the tiers of a commander's abilities cannot exceed four.
  • Some abilities are Ranked with a roman numeral (I; II; III) in their name. A commander must have the lower-tier version of a ranked ability to purchase the next rank of that ability.
    • When a player purchases the next tier of a ranked ability, the higher-tier version replaces the lower-tier version.
  • A player can choose to replace a commander's ability with a different ability they purchase (that does not require a lower-tier version to be purchased).
    • When a player replaces their commmander's ability with another ability, they remove the previous ability from their fleet roster.
  • A commander can have multiple abilities from the same or different categories, but a player cannot purchase an ability more than once at the same tier.
  • On commander ability effects, the term „you“ refers to the flagship of that commander's task force (to which the commander is equipped).
  • On commander ability effects, the term „friendly“ refers to the ships and squadrons of that commander's task force (including additional forces added to that fleet during a battle).
  • When a commander's flagship is destroyed, that commander's ability effects cannot be resolved for the remainder of that battle.

Example: Sarah's commander has one tier-1 Logistics ability: „Independent Raider“. Sarah's commander also has one tier-2 ranked Gunnery ability „Master Gunner II“. Depending on how much experience Sarah's commander has, she has several options. Sarah can add another tier-1 ability of any category. Sarah can replace „Master Gunner II“ with „Master Gunner III“. Finally Sarah can replace „Independent Raider“ with another ability that does not require a lower-tier version to be purchased.

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