This page lists additional rules that are used when playing the Corellian Conflict.

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The Corellian Conflict is played over several campaign turns during which players participate in games of Star Wars: Armada called Battles. This campaign includes a map of the Corellian Sector that shows the locations where battles can occur. Players use the campaign map to determine both the location of each battle and the objectives that are available. Unlike a typical Star Wars: Armada game, battles are not always contests between fleets of equal size. Sometimes, beleaguered defenders must confront a superior assaulting force attempting to make their enemies pay dearly for any victory they hope to achieve. Battles also allow ships to retreat rather than risk their destruction by staying in a hopeless fight.

The campaign is played to a set number of Campaign Points. As the campaign progresses, each faction struggles for control in epic clashes across the Corellian Sector. When a team has scored enough campaign points, it controls the Corellian Sector and wins the campaign!

The Corellian Conflict is clesigned to be played over multiple play sessions. Players are encouragecl to schedule regular sessions to gather and strategize with their team as well as organize and play the battles for each campaign turn.

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