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The following pages describe the Expansion Packs for Star Wars: Armada by FantasyFlight Games.

List in order of product number:[]

  • SWM01: ImpLogo.pngRebLogo.png Armada Core Set
  • SWM02: ImpLogo.png Victory-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack
  • SWM03: RebLogo.png CR90 Corellian Corvette Expansion Pack
  • SWM04: RebLogo.png Nebulon-B Frigate Expansion Pack
  • SWM05: RebLogo.png Assault Frigate Mark II Expansion Pack
  • SWM06: ImpLogo.png Gladiator-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack
  • SWM07: RebLogo.png Rebel Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack
  • SWM08: ImpLogo.png Imperial Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack
  • SWM09: Star Wars: Armada Dice Pack
  • SWM10: Star Wars: Armada Maneuver Tool Accessory Pack
  • SWM11: ImpLogo.png Imperial-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack
  • SWM12: RebLogo.png MC30c Frigate Expansion Pack
  • SWM13: RebLogo.png Home One Expansion Pack
  • SWM14: ImpLogo.pngRebLogo.png Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack
  • SWM15: ImpLogo.png Imperial Raider Expansion Pack
  • SWM16: ImpLogo.png Interdictor Expansion Pack
  • SWM17: RebLogo.png Liberty Expansion Pack
  • SWM18: ImpLogo.png Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack
  • SWM19: RebLogo.png Rebel Transports Expansion Pack
  • SWM20: ImpLogo.png Super Star Destroyer Expansion Pack
  • SWM21: RebLogo.png Phoenix Home Expansion Pack
  • SWM22: ImpLogo.png Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion Pack
  • SWM23: RebLogo.png Rebel Fighter Squadrons II Expansion Pack
  • SWM24: ImpLogo.png Imperial Fighter Squadrons II Expansion Pack
  • SWM25: RebLogo.png The Corellian Conflict - Campaign Expansion
  • SWM26: ImpLogo.png Imperial Light Carrier Expansion Pack
  • SWM27: RebLogo.png Hammerhead Corvettes Expansion Pack
  • SWM28: unknown
  • SWM29: ImpLogo.png Chimaera Expansion Pack
  • SWM30: RebLogo.png Profundity Expansion Pack
  • SWM31: RebLogo.png Rebellion in the Rim - Campaign Expansion
  • SWM32: RebLogo.png Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack
  • SWM33: ImpLogo.png Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack
  • SWM34: Republic-icon.png Galactic Republic Fleet Starter
  • SWM35: CIS-icon.png Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter
  • SWM36: Republic-icon.png Republic Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack
  • SWM37: CIS-icon.png Separatist Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack
  • SWM38: Armada Upgrade Card Collection
  • SWM39: Armada Dial Pack
  • SWM40: Republic-icon.png Pelta-class Frigate Expanion Pack
  • SWM41: Republic-icon.png Venator-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack
  • SWM42: CIS-icon.png Invisible Hand Expansion Pack
  • SWM43: CIS-icon.png Recusant-class Destroyer Expansion Pack

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