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Each ship has a size class. Huge ships use the 76mm x 320mm ship token on top of 2 large bases.

Huge ships were introduced with Super Star Destroyer Expansion Pack. They differ from other size classes in the following aspects. A huge ship...

  • ... features a total of six firing arcs—supplementing the standard front, rear, left, and right firing arcs with brand-new right-auxiliary and left-auxiliary firing arcs
  • ... can make up to three attacks from different firing arcs every round of the game.
  • ... uses the notch of the rear base for maneuvering. For that it can't side drift, because the maneuver tool isn't allowed to overlap the ship's base.
  • ... has the unique ability to pass. Once per round, when you would have to activate the huge ship, you can choose instead to pass, allowing your opponent to activate one of his ships.
  • ... that resolves one command dial, will also assign the corresponding command token to the ship!
  • ... let the opponent score 1/2 points, if he can damage 1/2 of its hull value.
  • ... can overlap the players deployment zone, but has to be deployed touching the players edge. Squadrons have to be deployed within distance 5 from players edge.
  • ... can't add upgrade slots with card effects (like Minister Tua). Upgrade cards that effect large ships don't effect huge ships.
SSD profil

Star Dreadnought upon two standard large bases.

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