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The listed Campaign Objective cards are for playing Rebellion in the Rim Campaign only.

The player that declared an assault during Strategy Phase always has the initiative in a campaign battle and chooses the objective. The pool of objective cards is made up depending on the chosen location.

If the location has no Base sticker, refer to the location objectives box on the map. The cards listed here by name are added to or replace the defender's standard objectives to make up the pool of objectives.

  1. Add all listed campaign objectives to the pool. Campaign objectives are followed by a special icon.
  2. Add all listed standard objectives to the pool.
  3. Remove each standard objective listed on the defender's fleet roster that is of the same category as an objective card listed for that location.

Then the assaulting player chooses the objective from the final pool. If the player chooses a campaign objective, that campaign objective cannot be chosen again if this location is the site of other battles.

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