This page lists additional rules that are used when playing a Rebellion in the Rim Campaign.

Campaign Structure Edit

Rebellion in the Rim is played over one to three acts during which players attempt to gain Campaign Points by participating in games of Star Wars: Armada called Battles.

Each act consists of several campaign turns that are divided into phases. During these turns, teams gather to strategize and declare which locations they are attacking. Then each player is paired off with one opponent for a battle. After playing their battles, players finish the turn by managing their fleets and locations their team controls.

Unlike a typical Star Wars: Armada game, battles may contain fleets of unequal power, and they can range in size, consisting of skirmishes between small fleets -- also called Task Forces -- or encounters that include large team fleets. In addition to earning campaign points, players also gain experience and rewards to upgrade their task forces' capabilities.

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