Star Wars Armada is a Miniatures Game. As such, it needs rules. The rules are laid down in Star Wars: Armada - Learn to play (download via FFG) and Star Wars: Armada - Rules Reference (download via FFG).

New products brought additional elements, rules (for examples: Contain token with Imperial-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack or new Objective Cards with The Corellian Conflict Box), and Upgrade Cards. Questions referring to this new elements of the game are answered in the latest FAQ (download via FFG).

There are also rules and regulations for competetive play, like tournaments written down in Star Wars: Armada Tournament Regulations (download via FFG). This and other supportive material can be found at

The Corellian Conflict Campaign Box provides rules for an Armada campaign.

With the Super Star Destroyer Expansion comes a new rule set for epic gameplay.

All rules are part of this wiki, to clarify questions and provide a tool for quick online reference. It also gives an overview and comparison of stats and products.

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