In the intergalactic battles of Star Wars™: Armada, you’ve used fleets of massive capital ships and nimble squadrons of starfighters to lay waste to your opponents and win the space battles of the Galactic Civil War. But now, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your fleet battles to new heights—in anticipation of the upcoming Super Star Destroyer Expansion Pack, the Star Wars: Armada development team has put together a new set of rules to support larger battles than ever, including multiplayer games of up to eight players!

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At this site you will find links to all rules of Star Wars Armada: Sector Fleet.

At 5th Februar 2019 FFG introduced a new Rules Set that allows battles with fleet point totals up to 1.200 and multi-player game mode.

The rules contained in this document (download) are an optional supplement to those found in the Star Wars Armada: Rules Reference (download). All players must agree to their use in a game.

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