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When building a fleet, upgrade cards can be equipped to ships by adding their fleet point costs to the total fleet point cost. For each upgrade icon in a ship’s upgrade bar, it may equip one upgrade card with the matching upgrade icon.


Star Wars: Armada upgrade cards were printed at different sizes prior to the introduction of the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance factions (tarot-size for ship cards; mini- size for upgrade cards). For all factions, future cards of these types are being printed in a standard-sized card format to match other card types in the game.

Regardless of their size, previously printed ship and upgrade cards remain legal game components. However, tournament players are expected to familiarize themselves with the errata that have been made to some upgrade cards (see: Cards with Errata or RRG p. 23–27).

The Star Wars: Armada Upgrade Card Collection provides updated versions of all upgrades previously printed as mini cards, including these errata.

Source: RRG 1.5.0 p. 1

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