Ciena Ree TIE Interceptor Squadron card

Card Text Edit

"While you are defending, the attack is treated as obstructed."

Icon SQKey Counter Counter 2. (After a squadron performs a non-counter attack against you, you may attack that squadron with an anti-squadron armament of 2 blue dice, even if you are destroyed.)

Icon SQKey Swarm Swarm. (While attacking a squadron engaged with another squadron, you may reroll 1 die.)

Defensive Tokens Edit

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Timing Edit

The effect of this Squadron Card triggers while defending during Attack Step 2: "Roll Attack Dice"

Appearance Edit

Ciena Ree, known as LP-888 in the Imperial Navy, came from the planet Jelucan. She fought for the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Her first appearance was in the 2015 young adult novel, Lost Stars, written by Claudia Gray.


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