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During Command Phase, players secretly and simultaneously choose commands on their command dials and assign them facedown to their ships. The players must assign command dials to their ships so that each ship has a number of command dials equal to its command value.

Command Dial Stock

Example: A Victory-class Star Destroyer with Command 3 has 3 Command Dials in a stock to plan its Commands three rounds in advance.

When a ship is activated, its owner reveals that ship’s top command dial and places it next to the ship in the play area. It can be spent immediately to assign the corresponding command token to that ship, or it can be spent at the appropriate time to resolve that command.

  • After a ship finishes its activation, if it did not spend its command dial, that dial is discarded.
  • When a command dial is spent or discarded, it is placed faceup on the ship’s ship card and remains there until it is assigned as a new command during the next Command Phase.
  • A ship with a faceup command dial on its ship card cannot be activated.
  • A player can look at his ships’ facedown command dials at any time. When a player looks at a ship’s command dials, he must preserve the order in which the command dials are stacked.
  • When a huge ship reveals its command dial, also assign the corresponding command token to that ship.

Rules Clarification Edit

When a player resolves an effect that allows them to change facedown command dials assigned to an opponent’s ship, that player is allowed to see what commands were previously set on those dials.

Source: FAQ 5.1.1; 2020/03/09

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