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Command Tokens

Rule Edit

When a ship’s command dial is revealed, that dial can be spent to assign the corresponding command token to that ship. Command tokens can be spent at the appropriate time to resolve the lesser effect of that command.

  • A command token is assigned to a ship by placing it next to the ship in the play area.
  • When a ship is assigned a command token, if it has more command tokens than its command value, it must immediately discard one of its command tokens.
  • When a ship is assigned a command token, if it already has a copy of that command token, it must immediately discard that command token.
  • A command token can be spent during the same round in which it was gained.
  • A ship can spend both a command dial and a command token to combine their effects. Doing so counts as a single resolution of the command. For example, a ship can increase its engineering points to one and a half of its engineering value by spending a Icon Command Repaircommand dial and a Icon Command Repair command token.
  • When a command token is spent or discarded, return it to the supply.

New Rule Edit

When a huge ship’s command dial is revealed it gains the corresponding command token without spending the dial.

Campaign Rule Edit

VeteranToken green

Veteran Token

When a ship reveals a command, it may spend its veteran token to gain one command token of its choice.

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