Commander Vanto

Commander Vanto Imperial Crew Upgrade card

How-to use Officer "Commander Vanto" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)

How-to use Officer "Commander Vanto" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)

Instructions and hints by Karneck

Card Text Edit

"After you resolve the first command during your activation, you may exhaust this card to gain 1 command token of any type."

Attributes Edit

Available Through Edit

Timing Edit

This Upgrade Card has to be exhausted and triggers immediatly after resolving the first command during the ship activation.

Appearance Edit

Eli N. Vanto initially was an ensign and later a commander in the Imperial Navy during the era of the Galactic Empire. For several years Vanto served as a translator, aide, student, and protégé of the Chiss known as Thrawn. He first appeared as the deuteragonist of Timothy Zahn's 2017 novel Thrawn which serves as a canonical origins story of the titular character.


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