This page describes additional rules that are used when playing the Corellian Conflict.

Corellian Conflict Rule Edit

Construct New Bases and Outposts is step 3 during Management Phase during a Campaign Turn.

ImperialBase sticker

Imperial Base sticker

Players who won a battle during the Battle Phase have the opportunity to construct a new base or outpost at the location of that battle. To do so, that player spends 15 resource points for a base or 0 points for an outpost then places either an lmperial Base sticker (if an lmperial player) or a Rebel Presence sticker (if a Rebel player) on that location.

RebelPresence sticker

Rebel Presence sticker

ln both cases, both teams should note the presence of an lmperial Base or Rebel Presence on their Team Roster. The Rebel team should also note whether the location is a base or an outpost.

Base and Outposts Limits Edit

Each team can only have a Iimited number of bases and outposts on the map at one time.

  • The Empire can only have a number of bases equal to twice the number of lmperial players plus one.

(2 Fleets Campaign: 5 Imperial Bases / 3 Fleets Campaign: 7 Imperial Bases)

  • The Rebels can only have a number of bases equal to the number of Rebel players plus one. They can only have a number of outposts equal to twice the number of players.

(2 Fleets Campaign: 3 Rebel Bases & 4 Outposts / 3 Fleets Campaign: 4 Rebel Bases & 6 Outposts)

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