Squadron Keyword Edit

Icon SQKey Counter Counter X. (After a squadron performs a non-Counter attack against you, you may attack that squadron with an anti-squadron armament of X blue dice, even if you are destroyed.)

Rules Clarification Edit

Swarm grants a reroll during a Counter-attack

Timing Edit

The effect of this Keyword triggers after Attack Step 5: "Resolve Damage"

Squadrons with Counter 1: Edit

Squadrons with Counter 2: Edit

Squadrons with Counter 3: Edit

Rules Edit

Upgrade Cards with Counter Edit

  • General Draven (Rebel Officer): "While attacking a squadron with Counter or Intel, add 1 die of any color to your attack pool.
  • Instructor Goran (Imperial Officer): "While a friendly non-Heavy squadron is at distance 1-2, it has Counter 1 or increases its Counter value by 1"
  • Quad Laser Turrets (Turbolaser): "While defending at distance 1, if the attacker is a squadron, you have Counter 1."

Squadron Cards with Counter Edit

  • Dengar (Jumpmaster 5000): "While another friendly squadron is at distance 1–2, it has Counter 1 or increases its Counter value by 1."
  • IG-88 (Agressor): "You ignore the Escort and Counter keywords on enemy squadrons."
  • Shara Bey (A-wing): "While performing a Counter attack, each crit icon adds 1 damage to the damage total."
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