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Officer-Imperial Darth Vader new

Darth Vader Imperial Crew Upgrade card


How-to use Officer "Darth Vader" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)

Instructions and hints by Karneck

Card Text[]

"While a friendly ship at distance 1-5 attacking a ship, it may discard 1 of its Icon Upgrade Commander or Icon Upgrade Officer cards (other than Darth Vader) to reroll any number of dice in its attack pool."


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Suggested build-ups[]

If you equip Vader as an officer to your fleet, you have to think about which cards you would probably sacrifice for a reroll. Anyhow there are a number of cards that lose their effect(ivness) during a game.

  • Emperor Palpatine (Imperial Commander) after all Defense Tokens equipped to the enemy fleet have been chosen.
  • General Tagge (Imperial Commander) after the start of the fifth round.
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn (Imperial Commander) after the three Command Dials on his card have been discarded.
  • Admiral Ozzel (Imperial Officer) after the start of the first round.
  • Admiral Titus (Imperial Officer) after the start of the first round.
  • Agent Kallus (Imperial Officer) after all unique enemy squadrons have been destroyed (or if non have been deployed).
  • Captain Needa (Imperial Officer) after the start of the first round.
  • Commander Gherant (Imperial Officer) after the first attack of his ship. (So you can still discard him while attacking).
  • Damage Control Officer (Officer) after discarding all Icon Contain Defense Tokens equipped to his ship (or if no enemy upgrade cards modify the critical effect).
  • Governor Pryce (Imperial Officer) after the start of the chosen round (or before that round if you don't want to trigger her effect).
  • Instructor Goran (Imperial Officer) after losing all non-heavy squadrons.
  • Minister Tua (Imperial Officer)
  • Reeva Demesne (Imperial Officer) after losing all shields.
  • Strategic Adviser (Unique Officer) after advancing the enemy fleet. (After round 3 there normally is no further need to pass.)

Available Through[]


The effect of this Upgrade Card triggers during Attack step 3: "Modifying Dice".


Darth Vader was a dark Lord of the Sith who was able to choke his enemies telekinatically. He also did this as a warning or to execute annoying or incompetent underlings. In the Original Trilogy we see him force choke Admiral Motti, Admiral Ozzel, Captain Needa, and Director Krennic in Rogue One.