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This is the first of six steps during an attack.

The attacker declares the defender and the attacking hull zone, if any. If the defender is a ship, the attacker declares the defending hull zone. Measure line of sight to the defender to ensure the attack is possible and to determine if it is obstructed.

  • If the attacker is a ship, the defending proximity mine token, squadron, or hull zone must be inside the attacking hull zone’s firing arc and at attack range of the attacking hull zone.
  • If the attacker is a squadron, the defending squadron or hull zone must be at distance 1.

Rules Clarification Edit

Range Example at p.5 of FAQ states, that a player must measure range to the closest point of the hull zone that is within the attacking firing arc. If this measurement passes through another of the defenders hull zone, the attacker does not have line of sight.
Fire-Arc Line-of-Sight

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The next step during attack is Roll Attack Dice.

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