Defiance Title Upgrade card

How-to use Title "Defiance" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)

How-to use Title "Defiance" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)

Instructions and hints by Karneck

Card TextEdit

"While attacking a ship that has already activated this round, add 1 die of any color to your attack pool."

Rules Clarification Edit

When Defiance resolves its effect, the die is added during the “Resolve Attack Effects” step and can be of any color, regardless of the attack’s range.

Source: FAQ 5.1.1; 2020/03/09

Attributes Edit

Available ThroughEdit

Timing Edit

The effect of this Upgrade Card triggers during Attack Step 3: "Resolve Attack Effects"

Appearance Edit

The Defiance was a MC80 Home One type Star Cruiser and part of the Alliance Fleet during the Galactic Civil War. It first appeared as a Base for missions for the 1993 flight simulator Star Wars: X-Wing.


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