In an attempt to shift the support of sympathetic system, the assaulting faction corners the enemy and seeks to demonstrate its superiority.

Initiative: The team that chose this objective is the assaulting team.

Location: The assaulting team chooses any campaign map area.

Victory Token Fleet Point Value: 10

Setup: Place obstacles as normal. The station is an armed station; place the "Armed Station" card near the defending team's ship cards.

Special Rules: If a ship or armed station is destroyed after an attack and the attacker was a squadron, the team of that squadron's owner gains one victory token.

  • The armed station does not have the ability to discard damage cards or recover hull points for ships and squadrons that overlap it.

  • After the Command Phase of each round, the armed station performs one attack against the assaulting team's closest ship. If there are no ships at attack range, the station performs attacks against all of the assaulting team's squadrons that are at attack range.

Determine Battle Effects: The winner of this battle gains the following.

  • If the Assaulting Team Won: The assaulting team may place a friendly presence sticker on up to two locations in this area that are unoccupied or have an enemy presence (including border locations). Then the assaulting team gains two campaign points plus the victory bonus value of each location they placed a presence sticker on.

  • Each of the assaulting and defending team's players may choose one reward from either of these locations.

  • If the Defending Team Won: The defending team gains one campaign point. They also gain one diplomats token

  • Each of the assaulting and defending team's players may choose one reward from a friendly location in the chosen area. If a team has no friendly location in that area, each of its players may choose one reward from any friendly base location.

Source: FAQ 5.1.1; 2020/03/09

Rebellion in the Rim RuleEdit

Demonstration of Force is a narrative Pivotal Battle Objective for "Rebellion in the Rim" team battles. It's not a legal objective for competitive play. It can be chosen by the assaulting team ending a series of 2 player battles called Act.

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