Rule Edit

During Ship Phase, after Attack, the ship must execute a maneuver. The player may resolve the effects of a Icon Command Navigate command.

First, the player resets the maneuver tool so that all of its joints are straight. Then he may click the joints of the maneuver tool to the left or right to change the final position and facing of his ship. The Maneuver Chart on the ship’s card indicates how far each joint can be clicked away from the center position.

Swm01 diagram shipcard

The Ship Card for VSD indicates "- / I" for Speed 2.

Each column on the maneuver chart corresponds to the speed number at the bottom of the column. A column shows the number of times that each joint can be clicked while going at that speed. Each row corresponds to one of the joints on the maneuver tool; the row directly above the speed number relates to the first joint, the second row relates to the second joint, etc. “I” means the joint can be clicked once in either direction, while “II” means it can be clicked twice and “-” means it must remain straight.

  • When resolving a Icon Command Navigate command the player may increase or decrease the ship’s speed by one. If he used a Icon Command Navigate dial he may additionally increase the yaw value of one joint by one for this maneuver.
  • The player is allowed to place the maneuver tool on the play area to determine possible positions for his ship before committing to the move.

New Rule Edit

Due to the size of huge ships, some maneuvers cause the ship to overlap the maneuver tool whether it is placed on either side of the ship. When performing the determine course step of the ship's maneuver, any course that would cause the ship to overlap the maneuver tool is an illegal maneuver and cannot be performed. Determine a different course instead.

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