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Early FFG picture showing adequate colors but wrong icons. Black dice don't come with single crit icons. Red dice hold only 1 double hit icon.

Prize Dice from Regionals 2018 Tournament Kit.


There are three different colors of attack dice: red, blue, and black. Each ship’s hull zone lists different combinations of attack dice. The colors of the attack dice serve two purposes:

  1. When attacking a ship from a distance, some dice colors cannot be rolled for that attack. (See: Targeting)
  2. Each color has a different distribution of icons.


Attack dice have the following effects during an attack:

  1. Hit Icon Dice Hit.png: "This icon adds one damage to the damage total."
  2. Critical Icon Dice Crit.png: If the attacker and defender are ships, this icon adds one damage to the damage total and can trigger a critical effect.
  3. Accuracy Icon Dice Accuracy.png: The attacker can spend this icon to choose one of the defender’s defense tokens. The chosen defense token cannot be spent during this attack.
  • A blank face is a die face with no icons on it.
  • If players are instructed to roll dice for a purpose other than an attack (e.g. Cluster Bombs), the icons on the die have no inherent effects.

Source: RRG 1.5.0 p. 5

Dice Color Hit Crit Accuracy Hit + Hit Hit + Crit Blank
SWM01 dice red 1.png  Red 2 2 1 1 - 2
SWM01 dice blue 2.png  Blue 4 2 2 - - -
SWM01 dice black 6.png  Black 4 - - - 2 2

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