Objective-green Double Agent

Double Agent Objective card

Card TextEdit

Setup: Place obstacles as normal, excluding the station. After deploying fleets, the second player chooses one of their ships to be objective ship. Special Rule: When the objective ship reveals a command dial, it may gain 1 matching command token without spending the command dial. When the objective ship is destroyed, the opposing fleet's owner gains 1 victory token. Then the opposing player places the objective token in the play area at distance 1 of the destroyed ship.

At the start of any round after the second round, if no player has a victory token, the first player may remove the objective token from the objective ship and place the objective token in the play area at distance 1 of that ship. When a ship overlaps the objective token, remove the token from the play area. Then that ship becomes the objective ship and that ship's owner gains 1 victory token.

Victory Token: 20 pts.

Rebellion in the Rim Rule Edit

Double Agent is a narrative Campaign Objective for "Rebellion in the Rim" game play. It's not a legal objective for competitive play. It can be chosen by the assaulting player as game objective at Dantooine (Area I) and Ring of Kafrene (Area IV&V).

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