Engine Techs Crew Upgrade card


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Instructions and hints by Karneck

New Rule[edit | edit source]

With Armada 1.5 published in December 2020 this card's effect has been changed.

Engine Techs old version

New Card Text[edit | edit source]

" Icon Command Navigate.png: After you execute a maneuver, you may exhaust this card to execute a speed-1 maneuver.

"After you execute a maneuver, if you overlapped a ship, exhaust this card."

Rules Clarification[edit | edit source]

The ship cannot use its Icon Command Navigate.png command’s effect to increase yaw values during this maneuver.

Source: FAQ 5.1.1; 2020/03/09

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Available Through[edit | edit source]

Timing[edit | edit source]

This Upgrade Card has to be exhausted and triggers during Ship Activation after step 3: Execute Maneuver: Move Ship and determining effects through overlapping.

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