Effect Edit

"If the attack occurs at long range, the defender chooses and cancels one attack die. At medium range, he chooses one attack die to be rerolled. At close range and distance 1, the token has no effect."

Errata Edit

While defending at extreme range, the standard effect of the Icon DefToken Evade defense token cancels two dice of the defender's choice.

Source: FFG Official Rulings / FAQ 5.1.1; 2020/03/09

Timing Clarification Edit

If the die, that has been rerolled due to this effect, shows an Icon Dice Accuracy icon it cannot be spent to choose a defender's defense token. Dice with Icon Dice Accuracy icon must be spent during attack step 3: Resolve Attack Effects and cannot be spent any more during attack step 4: Spend Defense Tokens.

Flotillas with 1 Evade: Edit

Capital Ships with 1 Evade: Edit

Capital Ships with 2 Evade: Edit

Upgrade Cards with Evade: Edit

  • Mon Mothma (Rebel Commander): When a friendly ship resolves the Icon DefToken Evade token effect, it can cancel 1 die at medium range or reroll 1 die at close range or distance 1."
  • Amity (Starhawk Title): "After you deploy, gain 1 Icon DefToken Evade defense token. ..."
  • Foresight (MC30c Title): When you resolve the Icon DefToken Evade defense effect, you can affect 1 additional die. ..."
  • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (Turbolaser): While attacking, you may spend 1 Icon DefToken Evade defense token to change 1 red die to a face with a Icon Dice Crit icon or 2 Icon Dice Hit icons.
  • Captain Needa (Imperial Officer): "At the start of the first round, you may replace 1 of your defense tokens with an Icon DefToken Evade defense token."
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