Exogorth Obstacle token

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Exogorths are obstacles introduced in Rebellion in the Rim - Campaign Expansion. They have specific placement rules. Exogorths also resolve different effects on ships and squadrons.

Placing Exogorths Edit

An exogorth obstacle is placed touching other obstacles. When an exogorth is placed it cannot overlap, ships, other obstacles, or tokens in the play area. If an exogorth overlaps squadrons when it is placed, move any overlapped squadrons out of the way and place that exogorth. Then the player who did not place that exogorth places the overlapped squadrons, regardless of who owns them, in any position around that exogorth so that they touch it. They can place those squadrons in any order but cannot place them outside the play area.

Exogorth Effects Edit

When a ship overlaps an exogorth, that ship suffers one damage.

At the start of each Squadron Phase, starting with the second player and alternating, each player chooses one exogorth. Each player must choose a different exogorth. The chosen exogorth performs an anti-squadron attack against each squadron at distance 1. While a squadron is defending, the opposing player (or team) resolves each step of that attack.

Source: FAQ 5.1.1; 2020/03/09

An exogorth uses the following rules when it performs attacks Edit

Armament: An exogorth is treated as if it is a ship with an anti-squadron armament of three blue dice and it is not friendly to any ship or squadron.

If a squadron suffers at least one damage from the exogorth's attack, its activation slider is toggled to the activated side (if able).

Hull Zone: An exogorth is treated as a ship with one hull zone while it is attacking.

Firing Arcs: Every exogorth has a 360° firing arc.

Line of Sight: When tracing line of sight to or from an exogorth, trace the line using the point of the token that is closest to the opposing squadron. Attacks that draw line of sight through the exogorth itself or through an obstacle that the exogorth is touching are not obstructed.

If an exogorth is moved so that it is no longer touching an obstacle, such as by Ezra Bridger’s effect, its attacks are obstructed by the obstacle it was previously touching. (Source: FAQ 5.1.1; 2020/03/09)


Exogorth Obstacle token (back side)

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