Rebellion in the Rim Rule Edit

As task force commanders progress through the campaign, they learn from victory and defeat. Players spend experience during the Management Phase to gain new abilities, which allow them to resolve effects during battles as well as other phases of the campaign turn.

Gaining Experience (XP) Edit

Task Force commanders that participated in the battle gain experience as dexribed below.

  • Each commander that participated in the battle gains 1 XP (even if that commander's flagship was destroyed).
  • Each commander from the losing team gains +1 XP.
  • The winning team subtracts the losing team's score from their score (= Margin of Victory: MoV). For each full 75 points in the resulting value, each commander from the winning team gains +1 XP.
  • If one team's fleet's total fleet point (FP) value is greater than the other, the team with fewer total fleet points subtracts their fleet value from their opponent. For each full 25 FP difference in the resulting value, the team with a lower fleet point value gains +1 XP.
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