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Fleet Points are always shown at the lower right corner.

Each player builds a fleet by choosing ships, squadrons, and upgrade cards whose total fleet point cost does not exceed the total agreed upon by the players. The fleet point cost of each ship, squadron, and upgrade is printed in the lower-right corner of the card.

  • A fleet must be either Rebel-aligned or Imperial-aligned. It cannot contain any ships, squadrons, or upgrades that are aligned with the opposing faction.
  • A fleet must have one flagship and cannot have more than one flagship.

Fleet Points Edit

  • The standard fleet point total (for tournaments) is 400 points.
  • Players may build fleets of any fleet point total as long as they both agree on the total.
  • A fleet cannot spend more than one third of the fleet point total, rounded up, on squadrons. (For example, if playing a 200-point game, a fleet could contain 67 points of squadrons, even if the total cost of that fleet was only 190. - FAQ p. 6)
  • In tournaments players can only field up to two flotillas. - Tournament Regulations p. 4

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Corellian Conflict Fleet Building Edit

Each player has a Fleet Value of 400 fleet points with which to build a single fleet to command at the start of the campaign. Players must follow the fleet-building rules found above (and on page 6 of the Armada Rules Reference), with the following exceptions:

  • To build a fleet, each player chooses a commander to lead it. A team cannot have more than one copy of each commander. After choosing commanders, players build their fleets.
  • Each team cannot have more than one copy of a card with a unique name*. (For example, if a player chooses the Darth Vader commander upgrade for his fleet, no other player on that team can include the Darth Vader squadron card).
  • Players may equip only one upgrade card to each small, medium, or large ship. Each player's commander does not count against these limits. Each player must choose one ship to be his flagship and equip his commander to that ship.

*= This restriction should only count against unique cards that are limited to one of the two factions.