HoloNet Override

HoloNet Override Objective card

Card Text Edit

Setup: The second player places all obstacles. The station must be placed beyond distance 1 of all obstacles and beyond distance 5 of both player's edges.

Special Rule: The station does not have the ability to discard damage cards or recover hull points. Each ship can resolve the following effect:

Icon Command Repair: If you are at distance 1-2 to the station you may spend engineering points to place (or remove) objective tokens on this card. For each 2 points you spend, you may place (or remove) 1 objective token.
When one of the second player's ships resolves this effect, that ship's owner gains 1 victory token for each objective token it removes.

End of Game: The first player gains 1 victory token for each objective token on this card.

Victory Tokens: 10 pts.

Rebellion in the Rim Rule Edit

Holonet Override is a narrative Campaign Objective for "Rebellion in the Rim" game play. It's not a legal objective for competitive play. It can be chosen by the assaulting player as game objective at Lothal (Area II&III) and Ryloth (Area IV).

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