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Hondo Ohnaka Crew Upgrade card


How-to use Officer "Hondo Ohnaka" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)

Instructions and hints by Karneck

Card Text[]

"At the start of the ship phase, you may discard this card to choose 2 different command tokens and place them on 2 different ships. Then your opponent chooses 2 different command tokens you did not choose and places them on 2 different ships."

Rules Clarification[]

When resolving this card’s effect, both players must assign 2 command tokens to 2 different ships, even if they must assign tokens to enemy ships to do so.

Your opponent can assign command tokens to ships that you assigned tokens to.

FaQ Version 3.3.1; Dec. 2017


Available Through[]


This Upgrade Card has to be discarded and triggers at the start of the Ship Phase, before the Reveal Command Dial step.


Hondo Ohnaka was a Weequay pirate and smuggler. Being mostly self-centered and avaricious he was no friend of the Galactic Republic or Alliance. But resources and greed for control of Separatists and the Galactic Empire made him from time to time an ally (and annoyance) for Ahsoka Tano, Hera Syndulla, and others who fought the same enemies for more idealistic reasons. He first appeared in the cartoon series The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.