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A hull zone is a section of a ship token delineated by the two firing arc lines that border it. It does not include any part of the plastic base.

  • Each ship has four hull zones: front, left, right, and rear (except for Huge Ships which have 6).
  • Squadrons do not have hull zones.
  • A hull zone is adjacent to another hull zone if those zones share a firing arc line.

Source: RRG 1.5.0 p.8

  • Huge ships have two auxiliary hull zones: right-auxiliary and left-auxiliary. These auxiliary hull zones are adjacent to the hull zones specified below.
    • The right auxiliary hull zone is adjacent to the right and rear hull zones.
    • The left auxiliary hull zone is adjacent to the left and rear hull zones.

Game effects that specifically refer to the left or right hull zones do not apply their effects to the auxiliary hull zones.

Source: RRG 1.5.0 p.7

Example: Hull Zones indicated at ship token and ship card of a Victory-class Star Destroyer