This page describes additional rules that are used when playing the Corellian Conflict.

Corellian Conflict Rule Edit

During a battle, one or more ships may attempt to retreat to hyperspace. During the fourth and fifth rounds, when a ship activates and reveals its command dial, it may immediately declare a retreat and discard that dial. lf that ship remains in the play area at the start of the Status Phase, remove that ship from the play area. lt will count as destroyed when determining score, but does not become scarred after the battle has been resolved.

Grav Well Interdiction Edit

A ship cannot discard its dial to retreat to hyperspace if there is at least one enemy ship with the Icon Upgrade Experimental upgrade
in its upgrade bar at distance 1-5.

Rules Clarification Edit

A ship that discards its Command Dial does not use the second dial in the stack. That ship's activation is played as normal but without the benefits of a revealed command dial.

If a ship with a Icon Upgrade Experimental upgrade equipped moves so that it is at distance 1–5 of an enemy ship that has already discarded its dial to retreat to hyperspace, that enemy ship still does retreat to hyperspace. (FAQ p. 8)

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