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The Cymoon 1 Refit resembles the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer variant, but it has a Squadron value of only 3. It's armed with 5 red and 2 blue dice instead 4 red and 4 blue at the front battery and 1 red and 3 blue dice at the side batteries instead of 2 blue and 2 red. It has 2 black die anti-squadron-armament instead of 2 blue. It lacks the Ion Cannons and Defensive Retrofit Upgrade slots but features a second Turbolaser Upgrade slot instead. The Cymoon 1 Refit is the only ship in the Imperial Navy with a Fleet Command Upgrade slot.

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Cymoon 1 was a moon located in the Corellian Industrial Cluster. It housed Weapons Factory Alpha, the largest weapons factory in the galaxy. It first appeared in Star Wars 1: Skywalker Strikes, the first issue of the Marvel comic book series.


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