Star Wars: Armada Wiki

Intiative Token comes with a red and blue side.


Initiative determines which player acts first during Deploying Fleets, Ship Phase and Squadron Phase. That player is the first player and takes the initiative token. His opponent is the second player.

  • The first player retains initiative for the entire game. Whenever effects happen at the same time, the first player must act first.

Source: RRG 1.5.0 p.10

  • During setup the player whose fleet has the lowest total fleet point cost chooses which player is the first player. If the players are tied in fleet points, flip a coin to decide which player makes the choice.
  • During the Choose Objective step of setup, the first player looks at all three of the second player’s objective cards and chooses one of those cards to be the objective for the game.
  • During Place Obstacles step setup, the second player starts choosing and placing obstacle tokens.

Source: RRG 1.5.0 p.16

  • If both players have the same score after six rounds, the second player wins the game.

Source: RRG 1.5.0 p.22

Sector Fleet Rule (multi-player games)[]

The Grand Admiral of the team with the lowest total fleet point cost chooses which team has initiative. If the teams are tied in fleet points, randomly determine which Grand Admiral makes the choice.

The Grand Admiral of the team that has initiative places the initiative token next to their edge with the blue side faceup. The team that has initiative is the first team. The team that does not is the second team.

Corellian Conflict Rule[]

When playing the Corellian Conflict the normal rules for determining initiative don't apply.

Initiative for Teams during Strategy Phase[]

The team with the fewest campaign points has initiative. lf both teams have equal numbers of campaign points, the Rebel team has initiative.

  • Starting with the team that does not have initiative, each team alternates placing one Diplomat token on one unoccupied location on the map.
  • The team with initiative chooses one of its players to declare an assault first.

Iniltliative for players during Battles[]

The player that declared the assault during Strategy Phase always is the First Player in a campaign game battle.