There are many valuable sources of information and inspiration out there in the internet. Here you will find some hints.

Official Product SitesEdit

Here you will find information about all official products available for Star Wars Armada. You can download rules and FAQ. There's also a scenario for 3-4 players "Take the Station" available.

Here you will find discussions about all aspects of the game.

Fleet BuildersEdit

Plain and simple adding up the cards you choose. All cards visual presented.

Additional information about ships and squadrons available.

You can choose the products you got to limit fleet building to your available content.

Fully featured fleet builder for iOS that contains reference data/cards for all released and previewed expansions. Can add/edit individual cards and models in personal collection to limit fleet building to available content.

Hints and DiscussionsEdit

A group of players giving hints for new and experienced players, beeing "the Playerbase We Want to Be".

Eric and John's Armada tactics and strategy blog. They provide "how-to/review articles on numerous elements of the game".

Green Knight's opinionated Armada blog, providing a rating for Upgrade Cards and other useful thoughts and hints.

Christian aka Sir Willibald site holds pdf with templates forWatching Armadamicro hangars that help to organize your miniatures and cards.

Watching Armada Edit

Crabbok's "news, opinions, repaints, advice, and Battle Reports". With "How to play Armada".

Fresh from Australia: "video battle reports, tournament blogs, narrative games, and instructional videos".

Shmitty provides videos to tactical and strategical aspects of Armada.

Mostly X-wing material but also with Armada batreps and strategy features announced.

Youtube channel with videos from Karneck that explain cards and rules. Hints and battles on Vassal!

Listen to the wise Edit

Jim talks about different aspects of the game and the community.

Brendan from UK with features and interviews around Armada.

Other LanguagesEdit

Forum der deutschsprachigen Armada Szene.

Tipps und Hilfen in deutscher Sprache, inklusive einer Einkaufsberatung.

Alternate Game Play Edit

Alternate models and additional material for the table top.