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The maneuver tool is assembled of 5 Plastic Segments with 5 Punchboard Numbers. It is used to precisely move ships inside the play area.


Star Wars: Armada Maneuver Tool

  • Each joint of the maneuver tool corresponds to the speed printed on the punchboard token inserted into the hole closest to the joint.
  • When moving a ship, players ignore the segments of the tool that are beyond the final joint to which the ship moves. Those joints may be adjusted to facilitate easy placement and use of the tool.
  • If the maneuver tool cannot be placed on the play area because it would overlap a ship or squadron, the player should hold the maneuver tool above the play area and estimate the final position of the moving ship.
  • The maneuver tool can be placed and adjusted freely during the "Determine Course" step of executing a maneuver to assist in determining a course. A ship is not committed to a course until the guides of the maneuver tool are inserted into the ship’s base.

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