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Mar Tuuk

Mar Tuuk Separatist Commander Upgrade card

Card Text[]

"While a friendly ship is attacking, if the defending hull zone has at least 1 shield remaining, the attacker may add 1 red die to its attack pool.

While a friendly ship is attacking a ship that has no shields remaining, after rolling the attack dice, the attacker must cancel 1 attack die."

Attributes Edit[]

Available Through[]


The red die granted by the card effect is added during Attack step 3: "Modifying Dice"

The die canceled by the card effect is chosen and discarded after Attack step 2 "Roll Attack Dice"


Mar Tuuk was a Neimoidian captain in the Separatist navy. He was in command of a Lucrehulk-class Battleship which headed the blockade of Ryloth during the Clone Wars. The blockade was attacked by a Republic fleet led by Jedi-General Anakin Skywalker. Tuuk was forced to abandon his doomed command ship. His only appearance was in the episode "Storm over Ryloth" of the animated TV-series The Clone Wars.