Swm30 card mon-calamari-exodus-fleet

Illustrator: Anthony Devine

Card TextEdit

"MC" only.

"Icon Command Repair: You may choose and exhaust another copy of this card on a friendly ship at distance 1-4. If you do, gain 2 additional engineering points."

Attributes Edit

Available ThroughEdit

Timing Edit

The effect of this Upgrade Card triggers after Ship Phase step 1: "Reveal Command Dial", when resolving a Icon Command Repair command.

Possible Build-Up Edit

The following Rebel Ships can be equipped with the Mon Calamari Exodus Fleet Title:

Appearance Edit

The Galactic Empire subjugated and enslaved the Mon Calamari and occupied their home world Mon Cala. In response, the Mon Calamari threw their weight behind the Rebel Alliance and played an important role in supplying warships to the Alliance Fleet. The Mon Calamari Exodus Fleet was created by FFG for Star Wars: Armada.


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