Rule Edit

During Ship Phase, after Attack, the ship must execute a maneuver.

First, the player detemines course.

The player places the maneuver tool on one side of his ship so that the plastic guides of the tool’s flat end slide into the notches on the side of the ship’s base. If properly inserted, the front of the ship should be parallel with the raised line above the guides. The player presses the maneuver tool against the table and, without moving the tool, he picks up the ship. Then he places the ship at the joint below the punchboard number that corresponds to the ship’s current speed. The notches on the ship’s base slide over that joint’s plastic guides.

Ship Movement

Example: Nebulon-B maneuver at speed 3

The ship’s starting position and final position must be on the same side of the maneuver tool. In addition, the maneuver tool cannot be placed in such a way that the ship would overlap the tool when placed in its final position. If the ship would overlap it, the tool must be placed on the other side of the ship’s base before the ship is moved.

Sometimes a ship’s movement causes it to overlap a token, squadron or another ship. If this situation arises, see “Overlapping”.

After moving the ship the activation of the ship ends. The next ship will be activated or if their is no other ship to activate, Ship Phase ends and Squadron Phase begins.