Rule Edit

During Squadron Phase or while activating a squadron with a command, the squadron may execute a maneuver. To move a squadron, its owner proceeds through the following steps:

  1. Check if the squadron is engaged or otherwise prohibited to move. If not proceed with step 2.
  2. Determine Course: Place the range ruler flat on the table with the distance side faceup. The center of the distance 1 end of the ruler must be in contact with the squadron’s base.
  3. Move Squadron: Pick up the squadron and position it anywhere along the center of the ruler up to the line that marks the end of the distance band matching the squadron’s speed value. The squadron’s base cannot be placed beyond that line.
  4. Remove the range ruler and place the squadron in the final position.

The X-wing squadron has a speed value of 3. The player may place it within band three of the range ruler in any direction of its current position.

Remind the following aspects: Edit

  • When a squadron is activated during the Squadron Phase, it can move or attack, but not both. It can move and attack in any order, if activated with a Icon Command Squadron command and/or if it possesses the Rogue keyword.
  • A squadron cannot be placed with any part of its base overlapping another squadron or ship.
  • A squadron can move through ships, squadrons, and obstacles without issue. Only its starting and final positions matter.
  • If the range ruler cannot be placed in the play area due to other ships and squadrons being in the way, hold the range ruler above the play area and estimate the squadron’s final position.
  • When a squadron moves, it can choose to remain in its current position and is still considered to have moved.
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