Several objective cards and obstacle types coming in the Rebellion in the Rim - Campaign Expansion refer to moving obstacles. To move an obstacle, proceed through the following steps:

1. Determine Direction:Edit


1) Place the range ruler on the batble with the distance 1 end in contact with the edge of the debris field. 2) Point the range ruler at the closest point of the gravity rift.

Place the range ruler flat on the table with the distance side faceup. The center of the distance 1 end of the ruler must be in contact with the obstacle's edge.

If the range ruler cannot be placed in the play area due to other ships and squadrons being in the way, hold the range ruler above the play area and estimate the objects's final position.

2. Move Obstacle:Edit

Pick up the obstacle and position it anywhere along the center of the ruler up to the line that marks the end of the distance band matching the specified maximum movement. The obstacle cannot be placed beyond that line. Then remove the range ruler and place the obstacle in its final position.


3) Remove the squadron, then move the debris field. After it is out of the way replace the squadron in its original position. 4) The debris field cannot overlap another obstacle. It can be moved within the distance 1 band until it touches the edge of the asteroid field.

  • The obstacle, at its final position, cannot overlap ships, squadrons, other obstacle, or tokens in the play area.
  • The obstacle can be rotated as long as no part of that obstacle is beyond the specified maximum distance of its move from that object's original position.
  • An obstacle can move through ships, squadrons, and obstacles without issue. Only its starting and final positions matter.
  • If an obstacle with a token placed on it due to an objective card or other effect is moved, that token remains on that obstacle.
  • If an obstacle that is overlapped by a ship or squadron is moved, that ship or squadron remains in its current position after the obstacle is moved.
  • When an obstacle moves, the player moving that obstacle can choose for it to remain in its current position, unless a minimum movement distance is specified.

Objective Cards with Moving Obstacles Edit

Upgrade Cards with Moving Obstacles Edit

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