"As the largest ship in the Rebel fleet, the Nadiri Starhawk can stand against any opposing force, even the fearsome Super Star Destroyer, and the Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack provides you with everything you need to add this large ship to your Rebel fleet. This expansion comes complete with one ship and speed dial, four command dials, two ship cards, and fifteen possible upgrade cards, including the courageous commander Kyrsta Agate. After you deploy, Agate allows you to gain 1 non-scatter defense token, which you may discard to resolve its effect during your "Spend Defense Tokens" step, provided your speed is not 0.
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This skill allows one of your existing ships to take advantage of the new salvo defense tokens introduced in this expansion. Spending a salvo defense token allows a ship to perform a salvo attack after the Resolve Damage step of an attack, returning your assailant’s fire shot for shot. Even if your ship is destroyed before performing a salvo attack, as long as the token had been spent it still performs the attack before being removed. Every rebel in the Alliance knows that no matter the cost, they will go down fighting."

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"Join us today as we take a closer look at how this powerful ship can help you turn the tides of battle."

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  • Nadiri Starhawk

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Icon Upgrade WeapTeam Icon Upgrade OffensiveRetrofit Weapons Team & Offensive Retrofit: Edit

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The design seen at the Expansion Pack was created by Darren Tan.

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