Navigational Hazards Objective card (Original Image)

Card TextEdit

Setup: Place obstacles as normal, excluding the station. Then the second player places the station in the setup area beyond distance 1 of all obstacles and beyond distance 5 of both players' edges of the play area.

Special Rule: When a ship overlaps an obstacle and suffers 1 or more damage or is dealt 1 or more damage cards, the opposing fleet's owner gains 1 victory token.

End of Round: Starting with the second player and alternating, each player chooses 1 asteroid or debris field that does not have an objective token on it, and moves it to within distance 1-2 of its current location. Then, he places an objective token on that obstacle. An obstacle cannot be moved so that it overlaps a ship, squadron, or other obstacle. At the start of the next round, remove all objective tokens from the play area.

Victory Token: 15 pt.

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Note Edit

This card resembles an earlier version, that was shown in pre-release images of components in the Armada Core Set, but was never published in any product.